Enjoy Some Self-Care This Summer


Make this summer the year that you really treat yourself and indulge in some great self-care techniques. It’s during the winter months that people are most likely to be depressed and during the summer months that they’re much happier! The combination of longer daylight hours and warmer weather does a lot to help improve our day to day mood. This year you should really capitalise on it and ensure that you’ve got plenty of time for some self-care. Here are some suggestions on what you might like to do:


Sun Bathing

In our busy lives we’re constantly rushing around to make sure that we make all our deadlines and fit to our schedules – so rarely do we get to sit back and relax. As long as you use protection, sun bathing can be a really beneficial experience. Sun can be good for your skin and laying back, closing your eyes and relaxing can be really therapeutic. Essentially, this is a form of meditation and it can do a lot to reduce your stress levels.


It’s during the summer that people often feel more motivated to start getting into shape. Why not plan out a route so that you could go running? Running benefits your whole body and doing so just once or twice a week would actually do a lot to improve your fitness levels, that’s not to mention that feel good aspect which you get from knowing that you’re doing good exercise. But if you do do this, make sure you’ve got a good supply of water to hand – running in the hot sun can be very dangerous if you don’t keep yourself properly hydrated.


Whether it’s for exercise or for leisure, make sure you have time to go swimming this summer. Imagine it’s a very hot day and you’ve been cooped up in the office for eight hours: how great is it going to feel when you dive into the cool waters of the local pool at the end of it? Or better yet, the cool waves of the ocean? You could go with some friends and have a bit of a splash about, go by yourself and feel refreshed as you do some exercise or even go by yourself and enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of floating in the deep end.

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So keep these things in mind as we roll into the summer. Caring for yourself is very important, whether that’s through exercise, relaxation or even buying yourself a gift! However you keep yourself happy this summer, I hope you have a good one and that your positive feelings will carry you on through the winter too!