Guide to Self-Love


Sometimes you can be the hardest person to get on with, but here’s a guide to help you love yourself. Ultimately, this is not an easy thing: people spend their entire lives trying to love and care for themselves, but it can be very, very difficult, especially for those who suffer from illnesses like depression. Hopefully these few points will, at very least, give you something to think about.


Double Standards

Imagine a good friend comes to you and confides that they feel unhappy because they felt like they had been unsuccessful with their career: you’re shocked because you always thought that they had a good job and admired the way they did things. You would console them and let them know that you admire them and believe that they did a good job.

But what would you do if you felt like you had done poorly in your career? Even though you may have done just as well as your friend, you might deem that you had done poorly. Why is this? It’s because a lot of the time we seem to have double standards for ourselves and actually expect things from ourselves that we wouldn’t dream of expecting of anyone else. You’re just as good as everybody else and if you wouldn’t expect something of your closest friend, why would you expect it of yourself? You’re only human and that is not a bad thing.

Ignoring Others

Now, this is a tricky one: A lot of “inspirational” quotes will tell you to entirely disregard anything that somebody else says to you and to simply follow your own heart. This really needs to be taken with a pinch of salt because the most obnoxious and arrogant people could easily use this to justify their offensive perspectives – but what you need to do, though, is disregard comments which have nothing to do with the commenter.

If somebody tells you to stop doing something because it is harming others, either emotionally or physically, then that is a legitimate criticism which needs to be acted on; however, how often is this going to be the case? Not often. If anyone ever makes a derogatory remark about your appearance, race, name, identity, sexuality, gender, hobbies, fashion, career, income, religion, age or anything like that, ignore them. These are all entirely personal things and things which nobody but you has a right to comment on.

Having Fun by Yourself

A lot of people suffer from the sadness of loneliness. If somebody was going to have dinner with their friends and their friends had to cancel, they might not still go to dinner, but they should! They should go out and have a really delicious meal – really treat themselves. That way they’d still have a good time. If somebody only does fun things when they are with others, they will start to believe that other people are essential for happiness. Granted, it is important to have a support circle of friends, but some time by yourself is not a bad thing.

Go to the movies by yourself, buy yourself a new outfit, go for a long nature hike, maybe even book a day or two away! It’s important to realise that keeping yourself company is not a bad thing. On a related note, you might be interested to hear that Boots voucher codes can be used to get you some good bargains whenever you’re buying yourself a little treat. Be sure to check out our earlier article on all the things which you could get for yourself with Boots voucher codes.

So I hope, at very least, that this article has given you a small prod to get you started down the path towards self-acceptance and self-love. I know it’s hard, but try not to forget that you are a beautiful