It’s Not My Fault!

We often attribute our happiness or unhappiness to external causes. We tend to think that influences from another person or from our environment are what make us feel either happy or unhappy. The true cause of our happiness or unhappiness, however, is found within ourselves.
It is often said, others are a mirror of ourselves. When another person acts out of spite toward us, we must deeply question whether or not the spite is a projection of our own minds.

‘Self-Responsibility’ The Way to help Yourself

If you think that your happiness or unhappiness comes from your environment or other people, you are wrong. Before blaming your situation on others or the environment,you should examine yourself deeply.
What you are now is the result of your own choices and judgments. Even if we were all put in the same circumstances, we would not necessarily yield the same results; some of us would be happy while others would feel miserable. How we are depends on ourselves, our own mind.
You can begin to help yourself when you free yourself from the cycle of blaming others or your environment. Only after you have realized that you are responsible for your present state of mind and circumstance, can you have the will to stand on your own to overcome your unfavorable situation and make progress in your life.
To become aware of your own responsibility for whatever happens in your life is the start of helping yourself. However, if you are too soft on yourself and become self-indulgent, you may become full of pride. Thick clouds of pride are what shut you off from the light of Truth and prevent you from looking within. The only way to break through these clouds of pride is to accept that you responsible for the present state of your life.
We often feel like evading our responsibilities and tend to choose the easier way rather than face our own responsibilities. Of course, your environment and other people have an influence on your life to some extent, but even such an influence is a projection of your mind. Accepting that you are responsible for everything in your life is the beginning of happiness.

The Truth about Your Life

There is only one truth. Humans are spiritual beings and we possess spiritual energy called the soul, which takes exactly the same form as the physical body. After you leave your body, you will have life in the next world, and will be born again in the cycle of reincarnation.
Your parents, brothers and sisters, friends and acquaintances, your children and your grandchildren, are all searching to understand their true spiritual mission and the purpose of their spiritual life, while inhabiting a physical body. We are like classmates who struggle together and share our joy.
What is important here is to understand that life in this world is only one phase of training, as seen through the eyes of your eternal soul. No matter what circumstances you are born into, whatever your position, the correct approach is to lead a life from a positive spiritual perspective. You should see whatever difficulties or hardship you are faced with as opportunities for your soul.
You may resent your situation in life and blame your parents or the stars, but that is wrong. Although there are some differences in our levels of awareness at the time of birth, we choose our parents and are born. It is difficult to tell whether or not they will be ideal parents, but at least you chose them by yourself. If they not so great in your eyes, then you must have been born with the aim of becoming better than them. If they are excellent people, you must have made a pledge that you would live this life with them as your model. So your environment was not given to you by chance. It is what you chose before you were born.
The Purpose of your life in this world is to attain spiritual enlightenment while in a physical body and to work toward the goal of creating utopia on earth, actualizing Buddha’s ideal, as a crew member aboard the spaceship earth.

(Excerpts from “The True Purpose of Religion, the Monthly Message”)