The Laws of the Sun

The Spiritual Laws and History Governing Past, Present and Future

In this powerful book, author and teacher, Ryuho Okawa, reveals the transcendent nature of consciousness, the secrets of our multi-dimensional universe and our place in it. Cosmic consciousness, he says, is the ultimate goal we all seek, though it may take many lifetimes to achieve it. By understanding the natural laws of the universe and following the Buddhist eightfold path, he believes we can speed up the process.
The Laws of the Sun shows the way to do just that. Its modern interpretation of traditional Buddhist teachings addresses many vital issues including: how our thoughts influence reality, how disharmony between the soul and the body can cause illness, the truth about reincarnation, the different stages of spiritual and human love, what is enlightenment?


1. The Light of Cosmic Consciousness
2. The Truth speaks
3. The River of Love
4. The Ultimate Enlightenment
5. The Golden Age
6. The Path to El Cantare (1)
7. The Path to El Cantare (2)
published by Element Books Limited in the UK / Element Books, Inc. in the USA
ISBN 1-85230-807-9

The Laws of Eternity

Each of our lives is part of series of lifetimes whose reality lies in an ‘Other’ spirit world. In this enlightening book, author and religious leader Ryuho Okawa reveals the multi-dimensional aspects of the Other World, describing its dimensions, its hierarchies, its characteristics and its governing laws. while the lower dimensions are highly populated, the upper dimensions hold smaller numbers of advanced spirits.
1. The World of the Forth Dimension
2. The World of the Fifth Dimension
3. The World of the Sixth Dimension
4. The World of the Seven Dimension
5. The World of the Eighth Dimension
6. The World of the Ninth Dimension

published by Element Books Limited ISBN 1-86204-292-6