Things to Keep in Mind When Exercising This Summer


Summer is a time when more people start to exercise, but there are certain things to keep in mind when exercising this summer. With all this pressure to have the perfect “beach body” it’s only natural that a lot of people want to exercise during the summer months; while it may be wrong of publications to push the ideal “beach body” (everyone is beautiful), starting to exercise is always a good idea. But when you exercise during the summer months, there are certain things you need to be conscious of.


Staying Hydrated

When you exercise, you sweat and when you sweat, your body loses water, so the more you sweat, the faster you will become dehydrated. As you can tell, this problem is going to be an even bigger one during the hottest days during the summer. To counter this issue, you really need to have some kind of water bottle with you at all times, preferably quite a big one! Dehydration can be quite damaging and, in severe causes, can even be fatal. The idea of exercise is that it will improve your health – it would have quite the opposite affect if you became dehydrated.

Avoiding Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is another thing that can cause you some really serious damage if you’re not careful. If you were planning to go for a ten mile jog, but then you found out that it was the hottest day in over a century, it would probably be best to give it a miss. Being out in the sun like this can be very detrimental to your health and a day like that is not a good day for a run.

On the hotter days of the year, exercise is still possible though. If you’re worried it’s too hot to exercise outside, then why not go to the local leisure centre and do a few lengths of their pool? You could even visit a gym – sure, that intense exercise will still make you hot, but they’ll make sure that the whole building is nice and cool with their air conditioning. It’s also worth remembering that, if you were outside and wearing a t-shirt and shorts, that’s a lot of skin at risk from sun burn! Plus, with showers to hand at the gym, you could always have a nice, long cold shower if you’re feeling a bit too hot.

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So, with these things in mind, I hope that you’ll be able to enjoy a happier and healthier summer this year – exercise is important all year round, you just need to be sure that you’re a little more careful during the summer months, just to make sure you don’t cause yourself any harm!